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  “To understand everything is to forgive.”

~ Lisa See


"grief tasted like hunger, felt like numbness, sounded like silence...Grief was a shapeshifter, and invisible too..." 

~Kamila Shamsie

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"Weakness is treating someone as if they belong to you.  Strength is knowing that everyone belongs to themselves."

~Yaa Gyasi

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"Wider ranges of normal make the world a better place for everyone." 

~Laurie Frankel

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"The dead move on, but the living, we just stay here."

~Viet Thanh Nguyen

"Sorrow is food swallowed too quickly, caught in the throat, making it nearly impossible to breathe."

~Jesmyn Ward

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“I don’t believe that blood makes a family; kin is the circle you create, hands held tight”

~Tayari Jones

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“Families came apart and regrouped…Like water. In this desert, families were the water.”

~Luis Alberto Urrea

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“But I did fight. I tried to leave every human I have interacted with better than or the same as when I encountered them…It was the way I wanted to move through the world.”

~ Fatima Farheen Mirza

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“Men carve meaning into women’s faces; messages addressed to other men.”

~Pat Barker