“I have so enjoyed being part of IT’S LIT! I always loved reading, but found life has interrupted that passion. Nikki’s selections are wonderful—not always books I’d pick for myself, but I am grateful to have spent time with each one. I look forward to our monthly gatherings for great conversations, thought-provoking questions, and my friends’s insights. You need IT’S LIT in your life!”


“As a lifelong lover of books, I would like to express my gratitude for Nikki and IT’S LIT. The club is such a welcome addition to my life. IT’S LIT provides a reading list that is engaging, current, well-rounded, entertaining, and, above all, thought-provoking. Nikki provides considerate direction in the reading process and supports the readership through insightful questions.”


“…the vibe is anything but ‘your mother’s book club.’ IT’S LIT combines all types of people with welcoming, engrossing and stimulating atmosphere. More than anything, it’s fun! I would whole-heartedly recommend IT’S LIT to all my friends, even those friends (perhaps, especially those friends) who haven’t enjoyed reading in the past. I have met such wonderful new people, learned so much about the world and myself, and look forward to the next book and meeting!”